Made To Be Loved

JAI-RINGA Moringa Tea has arrived. Made from Moringa olifera it is a delicious and healthy addition to the herbal tea market.  Moringa is the new wunderkind of superfoods and is considered to be one of the most nutrient rich plants in the world. The moringa leaf contains an astounding 20 amino acids, 46 different types of antioxidants and 36 anti-inflammatory compounds, vitamins and minerals. Moringa has the highest antioxidants ever discovered in a food.

Community Development

JAI-RINGA was started by a group of social entrepreneurs who wanted to create a sustainable business that would benefit the community. For them being social entrepreneurs is about being a step ahead and being innovative so that change can become truly sustainable. They created co-ops that will supply the business with fresh moringa leaves to produce tea and other products. To date ten co-ops, benefiting local growers, have been started on the Kwa-Zulu Natal coast with more on the way in the Midlands. The potential to change lives is enormous.

Research and Development

JAI-RINGA has been researching and developing innovative products linked to the Moringa Plant.

One of the founders of JAI-RINGA is a Professor of Pharmacology who did intensive research and development into the benefits of moringa.  He then created Jai-Ringa moringa tea which comes in four variants with other flavours still being tested.

Multiple Flavours

JAI-RINGA Moringa Tea is available in natural, lemon, ginger lemon and rooibos, with several original variants in the process of being developed.

Vegan Product

Our tea is vegan, ethically produced and naturally caffeine free. JAI-RINGA will soon have certified organic teas available.