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JAI-RINGA continues to set-up sustainable co-ops to grow moringa in the lush valleys of the Kwa-Zulu Natal coast. This initiative benefits local growers and promotes job creation through community involvement. .

Of note JAI-RINGA Ltd has actively engaged with a vibrant Traditional Leader and his community on the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal as part of its “strategic goals” – to improve and to facilitate socio –economic livelihoods through economic excellence and the farming of Moringa within the Province of KZN.

A few Cooperatives are now being registered and driven by the local youth living on the farms. There is a burning quest to stimulate integrated sustainable economic development within these rural communities and to ensure sustainable commercial Moringa farming through entrepreneurial development within the private sector which has an important role to play to meet these objectives.

Our Company aims to encourage and co-ordinate programmes through the farming co-operatives for skills transfer and capacity building within the sector. The Company provides a framework for budgets, implementation and performance management on all projects.

The ultimate aim is to expand and diversify the agricultural sector within these communities for beneficiation and development of career paths within the sector. JAI-RINGA will provide institutional support for transformation through evaluation of progress on projects, including joint projects and to share information and improve standards of service within these disadvantaged rural communities.

The warmth of the local rural farmers together with enthusiastic community member is best captured in a few graphic photographs taken at a recent briefing session down the South Coast farms.

Here’s to a brighter future for all.