JAI-RINGA Moringa Tea has arrived.  Made from Moringa oleifera, it is a delicious and healthy addition to the herbal tea market.  The new product range was launched onto the global market at the World Tea Expo held in Long Beach, USA in May last year and was then released for sale in South African in July.

Moringa is believed to have among the highest antioxidants ever discovered in a plant.  In fact it has 200 hundred more oxidants than Green Tea.

Technically, Moringa Tea is not really a tea, but a tisane or herbal plant infusion that is caffeine free and easy to digest, making it suitable for the entire family.  Results have shown that the tea is the best way to ingest Moringa.

Moringa oleifera was featured on the Dr Oz show, where it was ranked as one of the best drinks on the market for superior health.  The show’s popular host called a cup each day “an excellent way to jump start a morning.

JAI-RINGA recently won a Gold Award for Sustainability at the Good Food & Wine Show Durban 2014 for its products and commitment to creating sustainability in rural communities.

One of our founders is a professor of pharmacology, who did intensive research and development into the benefits of
Moringa before creating JAI-RINGA Moringa Tea.

JAI-RINGA Moringa Tea is vegan, ethically produced, naturally caffeine-free and available in natural, lemon, ginger lemon and rooibos, with various other blends in the process of being test.  We will soon have certified organic teas available, and the company is also researching and developing other innovative products linked to the Moringa plant.

JAI-RINGA Moringa Tea is foiled packed to preserve freshness. There are 20 tagless tea bags (net weight 40g) in a sealed trendy tea carton.